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Cordyceps Extract Mushroom Tonic

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The only Australian Native Cordyseps triple extract available.

Experience an energy boost, without expending vitality. Wild-harvested in the Macedon Ranges in nutrient-dense, remote forests. Cordyceps enhances the flow of vital energy, promoting stamina, endurance, and physical performance. Supporting cellular regeneration and optimizing organ function. Cordyceps harmonizes body and spirit, aiding in the cultivation of mind-body integration. It strengthens the immune system, boosts respiratory health, and balances hormones, fostering overall physical well-being and vitality. 

  • All Ingredients Certified Organic at a minimum, consciously farmed, grown & foraged.

Australian Wild-Harvested Cordyceps (Cordyceps gunii), Medicinal Raw Honey*, Cane Spirit*, Filtered Spring Water.

*Certified Organic

  • Traditionally used for immune support and anti tumor activity 1,3, 4
  • Overall health wellbeing due to array of bioactive compounds providing an energy boost 2, 5
  • Studies note cell regeneration properties supporting anti aging, antioxidant, inflammation, antiviral and antimicrobial processes 2 3, 4
  • Known to re-energize organ systems and increase intracellular energy. Supporting the adrenal glands and fatigue management 2, 3, 5 
  • Oxygenates cells, therefore increasing endurance and removing toxins 2, 4
  • Controls blood glucose levels, studies note diabetic support due to the molecule Cordycepin 2, 5
  • Inflammation support for gut health and respiratory conditions such as asthma and COPD 2
  • Arthritic support through reducing inflammation and cartilage degradation 2
  • Increases neurogenesis, supporting memory and mental clarity  3,4, 5

20 Drops AM in your favourite morning beverage.

Note: As these extracts are highly potent, taking directly under the tongue will likely be an intense experience

1 Qu S-L, Xie J, Wang J-T, Li G-H, Pan X-R and Zhao P-J (2023) Activities and metabolomics of Cordyceps gunnii under different culture conditions. Front. Microbiol. 13:1076577. doi: 10.3389/fmicb.2022.1076577
2 Ashraf SA, Elkhalifa AEO, Siddiqui AJ, Patel M, Awadelkareem AM, Snoussi M, Ashraf MS, Adnan M, Hadi S. Cordycepin for Health and Wellbeing: A Potent Bioactive Metabolite of an Entomopathogenic Cordyceps Medicinal Fungus and Its Nutraceutical and Therapeutic Potential. Molecules. 2020 Jun 12;25(12):2735. doi: 10.3390/molecules25122735. PMID: 32545666; PMCID: PMC7356751.
3 Das G, Shin HS, Leyva-Gómez G, Prado-Audelo MLD, Cortes H, Singh YD, Panda MK, Mishra AP, Nigam M, Saklani S, Chaturi PK, Martorell M, Cruz-Martins N, Sharma V, Garg N, Sharma R, Patra JK. Cordyceps spp.: A Review on Its Immune-Stimulatory and Other Biological Potentials. Front Pharmacol. 2021 Feb 8;11:602364. doi: 10.3389/fphar.2020.602364. PMID: 33628175; PMCID: PMC7898063.
4 https://draxe.com/nutrition/cordyceps/
5 Choda, Ugyen. (2017). Medicinal Value of Cordyceps sinensis. Translational Biomedicine. 08. 10.21767/2172-0479.100132.

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Prepared and packaged in biophotonic violet glass for UV protection and longevity of potency.

Curated in our alchemical lab with intention and clarity.

Customer Reviews

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Martha Olsen
Worth its weight in gold

These help clear my brain fog after years of feeling like a vegetable from chronic illness. Starting to remember what it was like to have a working brain. I am deeply thankful and impressed <3

Thomas Fancutt
Cordyceps brings up my energy and focus

I started taking Cordyceps before I train for my sport and before competitive events to help with my energy, clarity and focus. Mushroom power helping me perform to my best ability. Thanks Enki :)


Depending on the tonic, we recommend a half dose for children aged 4+ mixed with water (or other beverage).

Sleep, Microbe and Immunity tonics and our Male Potency and Feminine Energy are generally not appropriate for children under 12, unless with specific advice from a practitioner. Chaga and Reishi are great options for developing kids.

Some herbs are not recommended for use in children, and we recommend consulting your health practitioner for what's right for your family.

All of our tonic herbs are traditionally used as daily support, however aligned with modern research we recommend a day or two without each week to allow for baseline homeostasis.

We use traditional extraction techniques as our foundational practice, and this means that our preferred menstruum for most of our botanical extractions is organic cane or grape spirit. From an ethanolic concentration perspective, at a standard dose, it's less than a glass kombucha. At a half dose, about the same as a ripe banana.

Yes, you get slightly better absorption by taking “direct”, however when adding to a beverage you are still maintaining a much higher bioavailability than powders, capsules or tea.

Yes, the majority of our herbs are safe in this instance, and have no known contraindications, with the exception of our Sleep, Microbe and Immunity Tonics. As with any new herbal addition please consult your trusted healthcare practitioner.

Lab equipment with flaming herbs

Thrice Extracted

Spagyrics: The Old New Standard

We use triple extraction methodology, foundational in practical alchemy as standard for our liquid tonics, exalting the soul, spirit and body of our chosen botanicals.

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Consciously Cultivated

Sourced with Integrity

Enki's in-house gardens, those of our friends and community and our international network of wild foragers form the bedrock of our sourcing philosophy. For location specific herbs, and those few that require cultivation in areas we don't operate in, we use certified organic material at a minimum.

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