to the Botanical Renaissance

Our garden-to-glass artisan extraction house. An elevated range of Tonics, Skincare and Aromatics that shine with the beauty and potency of our plant, fungal and mineral allies.

Exalted Expressions of Beauty

At Enki Apothecary, we use an evolutionary approach to our work, blending alchemical practices and time-honoured & tested extraction techniques with an experimental, esoteric edge. We create tonics, skincare and aromatics that showcase our commitment to quality, attention and intent.

Welcome to the Botanical Renaissance.


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Serums // Hydrosols

Evolutionary Skincare

Explore the only organic skin care range in Australia with 100% in-house extracted essential oils and infusions here.

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Extracts // Spagyrics

Artisan Tonics

With attention and intention in every detail, Enki’s extracts hold an incredible potency and are highly bioavailable. Powerful plant teachers & allies, accessed in our liquid tonic range.

"The art of healing comes from nature, not from the physician. Therefore the physician must start from nature, with an open mind." - Paracelsus

Essential Oils // Parfum

Aromatic Alchemy

100% distilled in-house, our aromatic range of essential oils & parfum bear the soul of the botanical world to your senses.

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Seasonal // Bespoke

Curated Offerings

We stock a range of seasonal offerings from the Apothecary, Garden & Lab. Bespoke creations from our ever-expanding community of producers, artists & artisan friends.

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A botanical Love Affair

What our customers are saying.

Enki’s male potency is a bonafide way to fire up your yang energy. It is a full power blend that will get you moving any stagnant energy. I’ve been using it for the last three years and it has done me wonders, it steered me into my 30’s well!

Miles DeCarteret

Harmonic Alchemy

I just wanted to express just how much I love Enki's products. I have bought tonics from other places before and they stand out! Very high quality and the benefits are amazing. My absolute fav! I love the wholesome and genuine commitment to producing potent tonics for our community to benefit from. Thank you Sooo much!

Larisa Fayy

Soul Alignment

"Having a deep understanding of ecology and herbalism allows me to see that bringing their Cordyceps product to life is no easy feat, and I'm grateful that Enki are bringing such high quality products to the world."

Sam Marsh

Innately Wild Founder and Owner

“Enki Organics is literally the only company I recommend to my clients seeking natural medicine solutions to holistic health issues. Enki’s alchemical formulation processes and small-batch production methods yield the highest quality health tonics on the market.“

Christopher David

Holistic Coach, True Nature Retreats

From Our Garden To You