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of Artisan Extraction

And our commitment to the Alchemical Opus

From Our Apothecary To You

As above, so below. Every day we rise with the sun and descend with the moon, empowered by the grace of the collective in holding space for the transformative offering available to us all.  

At Enki, we believe in working with the power of nature and the elements to create a transformative and meaningful offering for everyday benefit. As part of our ethos, Enki is committed to using only the highest-quality ingredients from nutrient-dense soil, and taking a sustainable approach to sourcing and production. Our offerings use wild harvested, certified organic, or plants grown in our garden with care and adoration. Our journey is in connecting with the Earth and its natural resources, as we are nature.

Our mission is to inspire a more conscious approach to purchasing decisions, in pursuit of shifting the paradigm in how we, as a collective, think about and relate to the products that we use in our daily lives. 

As this is a life long journey, we are consistently deepening our study of spagyric extraction, alchemy and working with enhanced energetic tools to embody the esoteric nature of alchemical science into our offering. Enki produces custom blends, white label product ranges and supports local communities with bespoke herbal tonics and aromatics.

Our Practices

Our practices are our passion. Blending traditional, time-honoured and science-backed extraction techniques with experimental and expansive practices allows us to balance Art & Alchemy, bringing expressions of botanical beauty to the world, and to you.

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Our Sourcing

Enki's in-house gardens, those of our friends and community and our international network of wild foragers form the bedrock of our sourcing philosophy. For location specific herbs, and those few that require cultivation in areas we don't farm/grow in, we use certified organic material at a minimum.

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Our Products

Evolutionary Skincare, Medicinal Tonics, Aromatic Alchemy and Bespoke Offerings, all designed to be of the highest potency and quality. Created by our team of accomplished distillers, herbalists, sommeliers, formulators and mad scientists.

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Our Tria Prima

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Owner, Founder & Director. Sommelier, Herbalist, Head Extractor.

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Co-Owner. Head Distiller, Herbalist, Illustrator & Herbal Nurse.

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Co-Owner. Media & Brand, Researcher, Perfumer & Aromachologist.