Our Practice is Our Passion

Hermetic Alchemy, and the philosophical principles & practices of luminaries past and present inform our work, and breathe life into our products.

An Evolutionary Tradition

Preservation of the Flame

Inside the illuminated extract of the plant lies our philosophical fire. Through our practice, we capture and preserve this divine spark.

At Enki, we engage in the ever evolving experience of working with nature. Taking inspiration from Paracelusus’ revolution in Europe from the 15th century onwards, we thank the predecessors of modern phytochemistry for their mystic acceptance of the relationship between consciousness and matter, something that modern physics is just starting to reason with now. The information decoded by those like Paracelsus, Valentine & Steiner was handed down from the ancients, who evidently had a profound and advanced understanding of the universe, nature and humanity’s place in it.  As we deepen our experience and knowledge, we are able to build on these ancient disciplines of spagyric extraction and biodynamic farming with modern discoveries and techniques, like vacuum distillation, soil microbiology, frequency resonance enhancement and biophotonics.