Artisan Extraction

Our extraction methods are ever evolving as we deepen our education and practice. Enki’s laboratory employs “Spagyric” methodology, a renaissance (1500’s) take on ancient alchemical extraction techniques. Paracelsus’ methods were refined and defined by Frater Albertus in the 20th century, and Jesse and the Lab team have a direct lineage of operative knowledge through Albertus’ teachings.


Our steam distilled Essential Oils and Hydrosols are distilled in a 3 stage system designed by our Laboratory team. Using spring water from Daylesford's sacred aquifers, the botanicals are distilled so that the aromatic compounds first pass through a large copper alembic head where the bonds are stretched and the aromatics have a chance to “expand” - perfumers understand how the quality of the oil is increased through this process. The steam then passes through a hand blown glass column, allowing any impurities to fall, and only the pure to ascend where it is condensed in 305 grade stainless steel. We collect this precious nectar, drop by drop to share the beauty, wisdom and magic of the botanical world, with you.

Formulation // Supply

Enki Lab's Services

For creators and producers who'd like to access our lab services, we have a skilled team offering formulation, expert blending & sourcing and supply of raw & processed ingredients.

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