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A Botanical Love Affair

From our garden to you
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Our Botanicals

Gardening, and observing the cycles and energetics of the plants that we work with, is a necessary part of our wholistic extraction practice. Following a seasonal existence - lifting with the Spring and descending with Autumn - allows us to work in harmony with nature, attuned to the botanicals that we choose to showcase.

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Conscious Cultivation

In our gardens and the farms we work directly with, we follow what could be described as biodynamic regenerative practices, working with both soil and plant management, and lunar/planetary energetics and timing for planting and harvesting.

Our Mushrooms

With Chaga and Reishi harvested from pristine Québécois Canadian wilderness, Turkey Tail and Cordyceps foraged from Victorian forests, and Lion's Mane sourced from local organic growers, our mushrooms express their naturally balanced broad-spectrum of medicinal constituents.

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