Supportive / Ritual / Mushroom

Medicinal Tonics

Thrice extracted and as potent as they come, our range of tonics support, enhance and unlock the myriad moments that we share. The spirit of our chosen herbal and fungal allies, available in liquid form.



    Find the perfect tonic additions to your day.

    High potency artisan in-house extractions, always organic botanical and fungal material.

    Triple Extracted

    Spagyrics: The Old New Standard

    We use triple extraction methodology, ensuring that our tinctures harness the full therapeutic potential of the plant. The synergy created by triple extraction results in a tonic that offers a potent representation of the plant's beneficial properties, making it a preferred choice for those seeking the utmost efficacy in herbal formulations.

    Turket Tail Illustration

    Our Mushrooms

    With Chaga and Reishi harvested from pristine Québécois Canadian wilderness, Turkey Tail and Cordyceps foraged from Victorian forests, and Lion's Mane sourced from local organic growers, our mushrooms express a naturally balanced broad-spectrum of medicinal constituents. We use a standard triple extraction in liquid form for optimal bioavailability, bottled in preserving Biophotonic glass.

    Blue Lotus Illustration

    Our Botanicals

    Gardening, and observing the cycles and energetics of the plants that we work with, is a necessary part of our holistic extraction practice. Following a seasonal existence, lifting with the Spring and descending with autumn allows us to work in harmony with nature, attuned to the botanicals that we choose to showcase. As with our mushroom tonics, we triple extract in liquid form for optimal bioavailability, bottled for you in Biophotonic glass.